About Carver


He is a Mackerel gray tabby kitty. He was once ferrel cat but he was rescued early on in his life. We are so glad he was and we eventually found him. He’s missing his right upper and left bottom lower canine teeth which gives him a very cute and somewhat permanant grin. We think he may have been hurt as a ferrel and that is how he was found and rescued. Also, he is uable to fully meow audibly. He mouths it and mostly squeeks come out. Once in a great while he’ll get a full faint meow out. So cute.

We wound up adopting him the same day we adopted another our other cats named Shiloh. We originally scheduled with the Dayton shelter to see Shiloh. The day we arrived, we met Shiloh but were told he was already spoken for. We had seen Carver in the room as Shiloh where all the cats were so we asked to meet hime. The instant we met him he started purring. We fell in love with him and scheduled to come back and adopt him the next day. So on that day we were informed that Shiloh had come available for adoption again. We are so excited! We just had to have both of them! So we adopted the both of them. We cherish and love them both, so much.