About Salem


He is a bombay black cat kitty, approximately 5 years old. We don’t know his exact age. The lady we got hime from (along with his brother Flokie) didn’t know his exact age. She kept no records of them. At least she never gave us any records. She had emotional and financial problems. She placed an ad in the Next Door app. I found the ad and started corresponding with her. After about a month of back and forth, she gave them to us. We are so glad she did. They were overweight and their fur smelled of cigerette smoke. It took months for my wife and me to detox Flokie and Salem. Now they are happy and healthy boys!

Salem is a very talkative and affectionate boy! he loves to get in the way of my computer (for some attention) screen when I am on my computer. He and Flokie scuffle now and then, but nothing at all serious. They are best buds! We are so happy we found Salem and Flokie!