About Lola


This pretty (rare) ginger girl is the sweet (yet temperamental) kitty that started it all for my wife, Leah, and me! I personally had never had a cat before. Leah had, but a long time ago. It happened when my mother in law (Erna, now deceased) had to move in with Leah and me becuase her husband (who was Lola’s owner before us) died. Erna was not capable of living by herself (though she insisted she was).

Anyway, at first, we tried to put Lola up for adoption in anticipation of Erna moving in with us. However, I then decided that Lola should come live with us. I am so glad she did. She’s a great girl. She has some special needs that may not have sat well with a new owner (besides us).

Lola is getting on in years and is slowly getting kitty dementia but we are doing all we can to make her life pleasant and filled with love. She is our matriarch kitty. She is not real happy that she is not our only cat anymore but while she tolorates the other cats, she growls and swipes at them when they block her path or get too close to her. She loves to steal food from our other cats, too. LOL!