About Milo


Our only indoor/outdoor, cat, Milo, came to be with us somewhat accidentally and out of necessity. We are glad he is with us though! We first met Milo in our neighbor’s back yard, right next door. We used to see Milo roam the neighborhood all times of the year. They kept thier garage door open just enough for min to slip under.

Then about 3 years ago they moved a few blocks away to a house with no garage. I think they expected him to be ok. He was out in all kinds of weather. Since he still hung out near thier old rental, next dor to us, I tred to accomodate him by building a plastic bin shelter for him during the really cold months. He used it ocassionally. His (now former) owners tried to accuse me of stealing him. at the same time they were neglcting him.

Then 2 years ago I found an old garage (man) door somone threw out with a doggy door attached. I snatched it up and found it fit in place of my garage (man) door perfectly. So I converted the doggy door to a cat door. Voila! Mio now had a way to get in from the bad weather and a garage lair I build for him, all his own. He enjoys it to this day and is still free to roam the niehgborhood as he pleases! I do pray for extra safety for him, daily, since he is still technically an outdoor cat.