About Goldie


In 2018 we went looking for a young companion for our gray mackerel tabby, Mitzy. We went to the same shelter we found Mitzy. My wife went into the area with all the cats. Almost immediately this sweet ginger girl (who was origianlly mamed Cynthia) caught her attention. She called me and we decided to adopt her. We renemaed her Goldie because she is our precious gold girl!

Goldie loves to jump high and run fast up and down the stairs. She is definately our athletic girl. She can jump to places our other cat’s can’t or won’t, even our Mitzy. She plays with her mousies and she loves to jump in our laps and rub on our chests and arms.

Usually, when we are upstairs getting ready for bed, we can hear Goldie at the bottom of the stairs meowing loudly wanting us to come back down and play with her. She is a rare ginger girl (for more than one reason, to us). We love her so much!