About Shiloh


The gray and white tabby came to us as quite a miracle and brought his friend with him. One day my wife noticed that a local shelter was offering a discounted adoption fees day. I decided to try to look for a senior cat. I know seniors are not quickly adopted like kittens and young cats, so I wanted to rescue a senior cat. I looked at the available cats on the shelter’s website and I saw a 10 year old girl cat named Kelly. I immediately called to reserve a time to meet Kelly for me and my wife. The next day, before we went to see her, the rep at the shelter called to say she had been adopted. Now, fortunately I had also seen Shiloh on that same page with Kelly and asked to see him. The meeting was set for the next day. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, Shiloh had ben reserved to be adopted by another person but the lady who brought him in the room to meet us didn’t know that right away.

Now, before that all happend Leah and I had gone into the cat room and saw Shiloh (still in his cage) and we also saw Carver (in his cage), a five ear old mackerel tabby. So, when the lady came back to the to the meeting room to give us the bad news (we were getting to know Shiloh), we asked to see Carver. See Carver’s about page for more info on that.

The next day, when we came back for Carver to adopt him, we got the great news that Shiloh had come up for adoption again! We were ecstatic and we adopted them both! They are both a big blessing to us and we are so happy things turned out as they did!

Shiloh is our “long boy” because he is a long cat (from nose to tail end). He is also a big jumper, like Goldie. The name Shiloh fits him. The short version of his name describes Shi to a “t”! He is a very shy boy and a bit of a scardy cat. We believe he may have been abused when he was younger. He and Carver have the best life now with us!